Firm Profile

JAMES W. JOHNSON, CPA, is Chairman of the Board. A graduate of California State University Long Beach, he was with the regional accounting firm of Windes, McClaughry & Company in Long Beach from 1965 to 1970.

He was lured to Orange County by the Irvine Company. There he become the Controller of Residential Operations, analyzing village developments such a Big Canyon in Newport Beach and Woodbridge in Irvine. He helped to develop the business planning process for the Company and prepared the study for the Company's entry into the home-building field.

Mr. Johnson decided to start his own CPA firm in 1976 when it became apparent that The Irvine Company would be sold. He began with no clients and has built the firm to nearly $1 million in revenues. He believes that personal service, planning and communication are the key to success in business.

Licensed as a real estate broker as well as a CPA, he has been active as a syndicator, developer and investor in the real estate field since 1970. He has formed numerous successful real estate limited partnerships to develop and operate commercial and residential projects.

Mr. Johnson is an Able Toastmaster, has been involved in church, community and social activities and has served as president of Santa Ana Country Club.

Deryl L. Dyson, CPA, is a graduate of California State University Fullerton. He has been with the firm since his graduation in 1982, becoming a principal in January, 1990.

Mr. Dyson is in charge of the firm's accounting services. He is responsible for the audited, reviewed and compiled financial statements of all the firm's business clients. His responsibilities also include individual tax planning and preparation. From this perspective he provides business and tax consulting throughout the year to our clients.